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Winter Blues? Get Your New Year off to a Flying Start

Christmas is over, a new year has begun. For most students, the new term starts today. Even those who enjoy university may feel apprehensive about returning to normality. With cold, dark and wet days here without Christmas to brighten it up, the period of low mood usually called “The Winter Blues” is here. This is how you get through the winter as a student.


It’s Not Too Late to Get Involved

If the first term slipped away and you were a member of no student groups, it’s still not too late to sign up. You need company and you need activity to help you get through the winter. Now is the perfect time to help the long winter evenings move by and keep yourself busy. It doesn’t matter what you sign up for, but the social aspect and the learning a new skill element will help divide focus on study and make new friends.


Go Out at Weekends

The nature of winters means we expect plenty of mild and dry day. With sunshine at a premium, you should take every opportunity to get some. The post-Christmas bulge is as good a reason as any to start an exercise regime. Your university gym is a good place to start. Many offer much cheaper rates than private or council-run gyms, but you don’t even need to go to that expense. Going for a long and brisk walk is always a great idea.



We suspect most students won’t have a problem with this, especially those that live in halls or private student housing. But introverts, quieter students and those who value their alone time may let this aspect of student life slip. As winter sets in, so can the brooding. Try to see friends, organise activities – towns and cities do not just hold local events during the three seasons where the weather is reasonable. You may find little going on in January, but there is always something.


Check the Student Bars

Even if local authorities aren’t running anything, your university Guild is likely to do so. Up and coming music acts, comedians and special theme nights may feature all over campus. It’s a case of watching noticeboards in the communal areas to see what is going on. University life is as much about enjoying the experiences and facilities as it is about the academic achievements.


Go On Field Trips

Your academic field trips may or may not be mandatory, but some students choose to skip them, seeing a day out as a waste of time. Even when not tied to a project, they can help with your studies. They will certainly help you mix with lecturers and other students, as well as having a break from the daily routine of study.