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Kingston upon Hull, or better known as Hull, is situated in the East of Yorkshire. Here you’ll find the University of Hull, which opened it doors as a university in 1954, and holds just under 20,000 students per year. With a number that large, Hull student accommodation is easy to find, and best of all it’s cheap! The campus has its own nightclub called the Asylum, which is open every Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday. It’s busy pretty much all the time, and every so often they host some famous lives acts! To mingle with the locals SugarMill is a multi-room with good music, or see the Piper Bar who offers £1 a pint every Monday for students. For shoppers, Hull provides a vast range of places to visit, North Point and St Stephens Shopping Centres being the most well known. The Prospect Shopping Centre has its own mobile application, alerting locals with the latest information and when they have special offers. The Humber Bridge once held the world record for being the longest suspension bridge, and offers a great view of the city. Littered around the town you can stumble across famous local churches, including the Holy Trinity Church which dates back as far as the 13th century. Check out East Park where you can see all kinds of wildlife, it’s a cool spot to get away from the books for a few hours or so. When searching for student houses in Hull, there is always something available to suit your needs. Hull is one of the cheapest areas in the U.K to find student accommodation, prices start as low as £50 per week.

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