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Student Accommodation Newcastle-under-Lyme

Student Accommodation Newcastle-under-Lyme

Newcastle-under-Lyme is an upbeat town based in the North of Staffordshire. It has two universities nearby, the Keele University, and a campus for the Staffordshire University. With over 13,000 students between them, student accommodation in Newcastle-under-Lyme is a hotbed for great properties. The student night is every Thursday with Yates’s being one of the popular places amongst students. Transport for students is also provided each Thursday to and from the bar. Scattered throughout the week, Keele University has its own weekly events and nights out, usually cheap and cheerful for students. For casual or hardcore shoppers, The Roebuck Shopping Centre is the best place to go, always check the website calendar as they often host local events. You can find plays from William Shakespeare being performed at the New Vic Theatre, it also has a nice little restaurant and bar to dine at pre-show. For chilled out weekends, Brampton Park is covered with rose beds, and has a large pond where you can feed the ducks or have a group picnic. Stoke-on-Trent can be reached by bus or car, where it has its own ski centre and the WaterWorld theme park. The whole of Staffordshire is a nice big student oriented county, there are a lot of students from all across the U.K who come here to study as well as an international students. Student accommodation in Newcastle-under-Lyme comes in all sorts, from brand new 5-bedroom houses, flats and modern apartments, prices tend to start from £60 per week for a fully furnished room.

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