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Edinburgh is the capital of Scotland, and the 7 biggest city in the U.K. It holds two universities, the University of Edinburgh, and the Queen Mary University (QMU). Between the two they hold just shy of 40,000 students, so finding student pads or houses in Edinburgh are always in rich supply. Being the capital of Scotland, Edinburgh is an awesome place to go at night, there’s several on-site bars and a club at the University of Edinburgh. Outside campus walls, The Pear Tree is enjoyed by students throughout the year, and The Brass Monkey is also a popular pub for students. Edinburgh is also a shopper paradise, with an unlimited amount of places to go do your weekly shopping, Ocean Terminal, Gyle, and St James Shopping Centre being three of the best. Alternately just head to the city centre, where you’re bound to find whatever it is you need. The first stop for anyone coming or studying in Edinburgh is the National Museum of Scotland, it contains so much information all under one roof. The Royal Botanic Gardens look great all throughout the year, and when the sun is out, it will make you think you’re walking around in a fairy tale. Edinburgh gets many students coming in to study from all over the world, the locals are friendly, and the mass amount of students makes studying here fun. The student accommodation in Edinburgh is plenty in supply, houses, apartments, and flats, you name it, they have it. Depending on your needs, you can find a room in a student house for around £80 in certain areas.

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