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Stafford is located in the West Midlands, just north of Birmingham. Here resides Staffordshire University with two campuses in Stoke-On-Trent and Stafford. The university holds a total of 15,200 students with 6% of them being intentional students. During the whole university year, you can always find student accommodation in Stafford with relative ease. The university itself has several student bars and are probably the cheapest places to drink in Stafford. Near the Stoke campus you’ll find ample clubs and bars catering just for students, two of the biggest being Scream and Wetherspoons. Birmingham isn’t all that far away, you can catch the train for about £6 if you book early and be in the city centre in around 30 minutes. Clubs and societies at Stafford are almost infinite, they offer all your expected clubs and ever have a Cowboy Club, where you can try horse hiding and rope slinging. In the local area you can find plenty of retail parks including Queens and The Hough, with The Guildhall Shopping Centre being the largest retail outlet in Stafford. You’ll be able to get everything you need in Stafford as it offers great choice, many restaurants and cafes scattered across the city. A must see for anyone going to check out Stafford is the National Memorial Arboretum, it’s a very moving place, with lush gardens and will help you get an understanding of this quaint little place. When deciding on a university, Stafford doesn't really get enough credit as a smaller town, however it does have a high student concentration, good value accommodation and fun. Student accommodation in Stafford is great value and cheap, with rooms starting as low as £65 for a furnished room in a house.

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