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Dundee is located in Scotland, and is the fourth biggest city in the country. It homes two very good universities, the University of Dundee, and Abertay University. Together they take on around 23,000 students in total, producing a great demand for student accommodation in Dundee. For the party goer Dundee has it all, the main three clubs being Fat Sams, Cubic, and Reading Rooms. Each place offers a different style of music, and unique promotions for various nights of the week. The University of Dundee has two of its own clubs on-site, very cheap and great fun! As far as shopping goes, Overgate and Wellgate Shopping Centres are the biggest in the city, anything you want, you can find here. Numerous eateries offer free WiFi with any purchase, so they can double up as cool study group venues too. Dundee is a cultural city with a lot of history, Broughty Castle will open your eyes on some of the history this fantastic city has to share. Discovery Point is a brilliant interactive museum which is a must see for anyone living in Dundee, set on the RRS discovery. The University of Dundee even has its own Botanic Gardens which can be visited for free. There are so many things to see and do in Dundee, making it a great city for students. As one of the major cities in Scotland, finding student pads or houses in Dundee is quite easy. Many landlords cater just for students, and you can find fully furnished rooms for as little as £55 a week in some suburbs.

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