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Stoke-On-Trent is located in the North of Staffordshire county, and has one main university and a campus from the Staffordshire University. The Keele University is biggest academy in the area, housing around 11,000 students each year. It’s quite a popular university in the U.K, known for its student vibe, great atmosphere, and cheap student accommodation in Stoke and the nearby areas. Quite a few of the halls have their own licensed bars, very cheap drinks and as you’d expect, full of students. The bars all have regular weekly events including a rock appreciation night every Tuesday, and allowing students to DJ and try their own mixes at the bar. There is literally something happening every week at the student union or one of the student bars, if you’re a person who loves to go out and mingle, Stoke is the perfect place for you. For some people, getting totally drunk every night is not what they have in mind, to find similar minded people join one of the many clubs or societies to find friend with similar interests to you. Your four closest shopping places are the Potteries, Trentham Shopping Village, The Trentham Estate and Ravenside Retail Park. Between them you will find whatever it is you need to find! Many cafes and pubs will offer free WiFi with any purchase, making them great alternative study environments. Stoke is mostly known for its pottery, they have a few local museums where you can learn about the local culture and how pottery was made. For live sports the Britannia Stadium is where you can watch Premier League action, discounted tickets for students. Stoke is a cool place to study and live for a couple of years, the student vibe is on par with almost any other major student area. Finding student accommodation in Stoke is child’s play, with houses and flats common throughout most areas of town.

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  • Staffordshire University (0.5 miles)
  • Keele University (3.9 miles)


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