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No that’s not a different language you’re just in Aberdeen. Here you can expect to be thrust into the arts with events such as the Aberdeen annual youth festival, jolted into the sports rivalries between the University of Aberdeen and Robert Gordon University teams, and welcomed with open arms by the array of pubs clubs and luscious restaurants. Anyone lucky enough to be a student here can enjoy the luxury of the hub of Scottish travel in all forms with links to the universities, student flats and accommodation of all kinds (which of course you will find with our help) just a ticket away. For those of you more akin to our student pads with character and poise or one of you typical students feeling something different, you have the impressionist Aberdeen art Gallery and Marischal Museum but to name a few. Exploring will be as much a part of life here as your studies and to make sure you enjoy it we want to help you find the right accommodation for you; be it a flat, house share or private halls – take a gander, get settled in one of our pads and go out and explore.

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