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Glasgow is the second biggest city in Scotland and has two local universities in the area. The University of Glasgow, and the University of Strathclyde, between them they house just over 42,000 students. Finding any kind of student accommodation in Glasgow, any time of the year is easy! The city of Glasgow is globally known for having some of the best clubs and pubs in the U.K. Close to the University of Glasgow you can find several pubs within walking distance which are all popular with students. When you jump into the city centre that’s when things get really interesting, with ABC and Nice n Sleazy being some of the popular ones with students. Put it this way, you can go anywhere in Glasgow and have a good time, the locals and students are a great bunch of people, giving this city a unique fun atmosphere. Whatever your shopping needs are, Glasgow has it all, including your favourite high street brands such as H&M, River Island, Next and Burtons. You have several shopping centres to pick from, with The Forge and Breahead being the most popular. Glasgow is quite a cultural rich city, with several museums across town to get you acquainted with the local culture. It has a great selection of parks, and The Glasgow Royal Concert Hall which plays some epic events throughout the year. For students who want an action packed city, Glasgow is the place to be, it has loads of students and is very easy to find student pads or houses in Glasgow. From flats, bedrooms and even brand new modern apartments, Glasgow has it all.

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