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Tips for an Effective Student Spring Clean

The Easter holiday is over; the third and final term is now upon you. While moving out is still a few months away, remember you have exams in that time. They will be on you soon and the end of year will be a mad rush to get everything done.

Aside from flowers, bees and warmer days, spring is famous for Spring Cleaning. This is when householders throw out all the rubbish that’s cluttered them all year. It’s also the time to clean surfaces, carpets, and behind those white goods.

As students, like any other tenant, you will be contractually obliged to clean the place before you leave. With that in mind:


The Right Stuff

All purpose cleaners are cheap, as are microfibre cloths, brooms, and mops. Make sure you check the cleaning fluid though. Some are not suitable for certain surfaces. Using them could lead to damage and that will mean costly repairs.

On top of this you’ll need binbags, decent toilet cleaner (preferably bleach) and protective equipment such as rubber gloves. Some of these materials are irritants or will burn your skin if used without gloves.


Ditch the Winter Wardrobe

With spring here, you’re not going to need the winter woollies or thick cardigans. Why not take them home? You’ll make space in your wardrobe now, making cleaning easier and having fewer things to pack away later.

If you have clothes that haven’t fit you for years, or you simply no longer like, why not donate them to the local clothing bank? Fewer things to take back and more space in your student digs.



It should go without saying that you should do this regularly anyway for things like bedbugs and clothes moths. Dust is one of the biggest irritants in a home, especially for people with allergies. Keep the place dust free and you’ll create a cleaner, healthier, happier environment.

Don’t forget to do both hard surfaces and carpets. Hard surfaces can be swept, but you won’t always get it all.


Clean Windows and Doors Now

One thing that most takes students by surprise is the amount of muck that builds up on door handles, jambs, and around windows. Usually the result of autumn and winter damp, if you do this now that will be one fewer job to worry about when you move out. You should check if you need to clean it again when you go, but it will be a far quicker and easier job.

It’s amazing how grimy these areas can get – doors especially so. The build up of bodily grease and dirt over time makes doors a dirt vector.

Clean the windows too. You’ll be amazed at how much brighter your room becomes for a bit of glass cleaner.