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Manchester is one of the most popular cities of the North with students. And it’s no surprise with its large city centre spanning into outer districts such as Salford, Fallowfield and Chorlton; all populated with students and just as much to see and do as the centre itself. Its famous and self-proclaimed “Busiest Bus route in Europe”, as well as its newly expanded tram lines makes travelling around Greater Manchester not only easily accessible, but affordable wherever your student accommodation may be. You may not be surprised to know that one of the things that attract students to this North West city isn’t the notorious rain, but its thriving nightlife. Of course all of the main go-to clubs are located in and around the city centre with various music scenes catered for, both in clubs and with live events at MANY venues, but students also take advantage of the bars located closer to where the majority stay. Fallowfield is dubbed as “student central” with bars running through the area. Further on up the road, and closer to town is the Curry Mile; which is not to be missed. A stretch of restaurants, cafes and sweeteries have an aroma that make you want to jump off the bus in a sudden pang of hunger before your night’s even begun.

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