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Posted: 17th April 2020

Man-Hing Lee

Hi! My name is Man-Hing. I am a Year 2 Social Sciences student, looking for a room to move to in September 2020, I will become a Year 3 student. Location wise, I will like to live close to the River Taff, because I can walk easily to the Cathays campus. For daily supplies, I want to live 10 to 15 minutes away from convenience stores. Requiring fun from my housemates, they will learn to cope well with loud music and be happy to engage in playing games with me.

Please be patient and forgiving with my anxiety, stress, depression issues, as I will do the same for my housemates. Please bear with my lucid mania, I will lucid dream naturally. In which, lucid mania is a major symptom of Bipolar syndrome. I tend to speak in my sleep. Furthermore, please understand that I have been tested positive with Asperger's syndrome. I am sure I will get along with you all if we take responsibility to take care of each other.

I love to eat, so I will enjoy living close to restaurants.

I hope I will live in a relaxed and safe neighbourhood. About the number of people I will be living next year, I can live with one to as much as nine flatmates or housemates. We'll have to be responsible for keeping the house or flat clean and comfortable to live!

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