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Interior Design Trends that Tenants Hate

Over 2,200 tenants were recently surveyed on what they hate about the interior design of their rental properties. Some of these below my surprise you.


Fast Furniture

Like fast fashion, fast furniture is cheap furniture designed to last no more than a few years – 5-10 at most. We get why landlords like it: it’s cheap and seemingly suitable for student properties. However, students are heavy users of this furniture which will fall apart quite quickly. Even when brand new it tends not to be particularly comfortable.

Spend a little more for furniture that will last. Your tenants will be comfortable, and you won’t replace stuff every few years.


Tiles Kitchen Tops and Tables

It’s understandable why you’d use and keep these. After all, they are durable and wipe clean easily. However, they are wildly out of date. Younger generations, which include students, tend to perceive these as something their grandparents would have had – and not in a good way. Also, tiles can break if something falls hard enough on them. Could you get a replacement?

There are many great alternatives to tile furniture, imitation wood, and high-quality plastics, some of which look modern.


Wicker Furniture

While not technically a type of fast furniture, it lasts longer than cheaper stuff but not as long as better-quality furniture.  There are two main sources of the dislike. Wicker breaks down over time and becomes incredibly uncomfortable the older it gets. Tenants feel it is cheap, but they also feel it is old fashioned, something their parents or grandparents would have had.

Rattan might be a better alternative. It’s more durable, more attractive, and made from renewable palm.


Carpeted Bathrooms

Highlighted as the biggest nightmare in any property, there is just one advantage: you won’t get cold feet getting up in the middle of the night to go to the toilet. There are many disadvantages, not least of all the problems with the carpet retaining fluid and creating a damp environment. This can lead to rot and even mould in a bathroom with poor ventilation.

Go for lino or tiles as it’s easy to dry these surfaces out.


Inflatable and waterbeds

By far the most hated interior design trends, with over 50% saying they couldn’t stand non-traditional beds. But why the hate? It’s obvious. When inflatable beds and waterbeds are used as primary beds, the potential for damage is much higher than traditional beds. An inflatable with a puncture can’t be used and waterbeds will create damage which they will have to clean up. Such beds are supposed to be temporary – for guests sleeping over.


Final Note

There are other things tenants hate such as bean bag chairs, futons, and breakfast bar stools. Many of these are gimmicky and not particularly comfortable. It’s best to go for something neutral that everyone will be okay with.